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Heather Fine
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Birthdate: 1965 — 5' 6" · 155 lbs

Heather Fine is best known in the world of mixed wrestling, particularly for her dominance and her devastating scissors. She's definitely able to beat most men in a fight or a wrestling match. This women is for real! If you're a man who sincerely isn't afraid of being overwhelmed, even dominated by a woman, contact Heather when in New York.

Helen Von Mott
Birthdate: 1970 — 5' 8" · 145 lbs

Helen Von Mott is one of the best female wrestlers in the world and overall is a formidable fighter! So good that she has a hard time finding female opponents and fights mostly men. She wins most of those matches too!

Female Wrestler Hera
Birthdate: 1982 — 5'3" · 117 lbs

Hera's a gorgeous girl from Germany who's first official wrestling match was at our Greek Goddesses tournament in October 2005. Looking at the stunning beauty, one would never guess that she's always loved playfighting but now prefers competitive matches! Hera's wrestling assets would definitely include her strong legs and the ability to withstand pain. Also, her deceptive strength from years of physical fitness and athletics can surprise opponents who tend to underestimate her!

Female Wrestler Holly
Birthdate: 1970 — 5' 1" · 120 lbs

Holly, who lives in the state of New York, is an attractive and very fit woman who loves wrestling! She's a very tough, tenacious and skilled wrestler who can becomes like a wildcat when she loses her temper. She knows lots of holds and catfighting strategies but by far her favorite hold is any type of leg scissors. Most of her opponents spend the entire match trying to avoid the squeezing power of her legs.

Female Wrestler Hollywood
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Birthdate: 1969 — 5' 7" · 120 lbs

Many know Hollywood from her GLOW days from which she has improved tremendously. She once said that she didn't take time to execute but now it seems that she sometimes takes this literally when she almost executes an opponent! Hollywood is obviously a beautiful woman but she's also very physically fit, mostly from wrestling, and she knows a lot of very effective holds which she won't hesitate to use on opponents, including guys!

Female Wrestler Hunter
Birthdate: 1982 — 5' 8" · 125 lbs

A tough tenacious girl describes Hunter who wrestled for London Wrestling Studio. She's a very good fighter having competed at a high level of Brazilian ju jitsu but what impresses us most about her the way she expertly uses her legs. In some of her matches opponents spend over half the match wrapped-up helplessly between Hunter's legs and never have we seen anyone use figure-four bodyscissors the way she does!

Hurricane Havana
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Birthdate: 1976 — 5' 4" · 120 lbs

Pound-for-pound, Hurricane Havana is amongst the best wrestlers in the world! She can easily get submissions from men who are 50 pounds heavier using a variety of holds including inescapable sleepers and grapevines, not to mention her murderous headscissors.